I Agreed, Nancy

But I’ve Changed My Mind

It looked like a losing proposition. She analyzed it and kept her eye on the big picture. It would have played out like this: She starts impeachment hearings, follows the process through, and the House, in fact, impeaches him. Yaay!

But then what? It is the House’s function to bring forth the evidence, somewhat like a prosecutor would make a case against a suspect. If there’s enough evidence, they would charge him — vote to impeach — and then seek a conviction. In this case, the House must make the case. The Senate must convict.

Say the House brings forth more than enough evidence to impeach Trump. Their case would be tight and painstakingly constructed. Then it would go to Senate, where it would stop.

McConnell…his partner in crime

The final say would be up to the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (lately known as MoscowMitch) will not let the Senate convict his buddy, who is probably in actuality his partner in crime.

That’s what Nancy knew and on that she’s based her reluctance to start impeachment.

Even if a number of Republicans felt pressure from their constituents to convict, it wouldn’t be enough. McConnell simply wouldn’t let it happen.

So, at that point, Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats would have played their last card. Trump would stay in office — even after the attempt to impeach — and go triumphantly into the election. His hateful supporters would be buoyed by his withstanding an impeachment attempt and he would probably do better in the election than he would have done otherwise.

That’s what Pelosi, with her experience and political expertise, is trying to avoid — an impeachment attempt that could strengthen Trump. She’s a skilled player in D.C. politics. She’s able to look past temporary victories and failures to watch the bottom line. She’s not interested in winning a battle, only to lose the war.

So, yes, I understand her position. It’s the best plan politically. Weaken him as much as possible, let him keep making an ass of himself on the national and international stage, and run like hell, not only in the president’s race, but try to take every seat that is available. Put more Democrat women in office.

I saw her strategy and agreed. She was exercising what would be good political strategy. At any other time.

More than an election at stake.

We’re past the normalcy of making politics our primary concern since there’s an evil clown in the Oval Office. There’s more than an election at stake. Our way of life is at risk. Trump is increasingly unconcerned about policies, procedures, the Constitution, or right versus wrong.

He is the primary danger to this country and a destabilizing factor to the world.

He cannot be allowed to continue. It would take far too long to list all the possible, and in fact, probable consequences of leaving him in office.

He’s a crook. We know that. No one can look at all he’s done since taking office and not see he is a crook. Some people, however, still choose to look over his corruption. He’s making tons of money off being president. Probably more than he’s ever before made. And his pals are making big money off his presidency, too.

He’s made them… unashamed of what they are.

He’s friendly to our enemies and hostile to our friends. He has stirred up more hate among the haters and made them unashamed of what they are. He’s tried to confer acceptability on the unacceptable. Decency on the indecent. Righteousness upon evil.

We’re getting accustomed to his ways and too many are still laughing at him.

He is not funny. He wants to be Hitler. That is the truth. He idolizes Adolph Hitler, studies him, and is emerging more everyday as someone trying to model the monstrous Nazi plan for world dominance.

Where are the patriots?

Have we, as Americans, voted so terribly that we have no decent men and women in the legislature who will fight to save the country? What have we come to? What would our parents and grandparents who fought World War II think of us? What excuse could we make that would possibly suffice?

When will the legislative and judicial branches rise up to stop him?

There’s a reason we have a government with three branches. It’s checks and balances. It’s that way so one branch can’t go out of control.

But the executive branch is out of control. Trump is off the rails. When will the legislative and judicial branches rise up to stop him? It needs to be now.

Don’t shrug and say the Justices are mostly Republican appointees. We can expect them to be Americans first. Don’t tell me Republican legislators won’t cooperate. We can’t let them off like that. They damned well can be made to understand it’s in their best interests to cooperate. If they arent moved to act out of patriotisn, integrity, character, or any qualities we expect of them when we elect them, we can scream loud enough to convince them that they will do their jobs or we will send them home.

They must put an end to this ridiculous and dangerous presidency. It is their duty and they know it.

And politics be damned. They aren’t going to win political races when our form of government is destroyed. They won’t be in power when Russia takes over (more than it has already). They will have no power under a dictatorship, which is what Trump is striving to create. He will crush them. We need to help our short-sighted politicians see it. All they see today is money. But their big donors still only have one vote.

Pelosi should be the first to say ‘to hell with politics’, the country must be saved. If she does it right, and she does it strongly enough, others will follow. She will gain worldwide respect.

If the legislative and judicial branches accept the most important duty of the age, and move to save these United States, with honor, bravery, and maybe even sacrifice, the people will support that effort. We’ve still got that much integrity among our masses.

So, Pelosi, bring it. And let the others follow your lead. He must go. Save the USA. Elections can wait.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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