So true. However, we are much more likely to get a sermon on faith and how we are expected never to waver and not to ask questions.

What we get too little of is reassurance that we are the children of God, that everyone is, and God expects us only to LOVE Him and each other.

There’s no love among some who call themselves Christians, and that is obvious to everyone who comes in contact with them. Love is caring as much about others as we do for ourselves. That is a hard thing to actually do — but all we need. Everything else falls in place.

All the sayings of the church have increasingly felt false and frivolous to me in recent years. What is “saved” as used in church? Is it when a terrified child goes to the front of the church and asks Jesus to come into their life — because as much a child feared walking forward to the alter in front of all those people, he or she was much more terrified about his flesh burning in hell like the preacher just said would happen? So they choose going up to the alter, praying the sinner’s prayer, and asking to be saved. Better than being barbecued for eternity.

God didn’t come home not that child’s life when the child went to the altar.

He was already with the child. He created the child. God will bring that child to faith through knowing Him.

Churches for the most part are totally confused about how to bring people toward Christ and how they got the ideas they espouse is anyone’s guess.

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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