Thanks for the great information. I’m sure it’s possible to make some money from it.

I am trying it out but I doubt I will do much with it. The rules! OMG. And as someone who has written lots of reviews and just plain written a lot, I’m not sure I can live with his “guidelines” for reviews. I finished the first one, although I haven’t submitted it yet. It was difficult for me.

I think I’m better off to just keep plugging away here on Medium, although I don’t think is any kind of scam. It seems very legit.

It would be a good place for a new writer to practice writing to strict guidelines. However, it’s terribly time-consuming. First there’s the time spent reading the book, and then there’s the writing requirements. My word! We even have to code in the italics, bold, etc. And the word processing program is antiquated and quite terrible. It’s the same crappy two-view mess we used on Yahoo Groups years ago. Bah!

Thanks for writing and sharing. Keep on tickling those keys.


Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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